"Improve Results through Awareness in Communication"

My Service

Nature of Communication has developed a new concept for improving social awareness, cooperation and communication.The purpose of "Nature of Communication" is to facilitate change for Individuals, Groups and Organisations.

Nature is my source of inspiration, using illustrations drawn from encounters with Dolphins. I invite you to open yourself up to a new journey in Growth and Development!

"The outcome of more harmonious relationships, is empowerment and success in any facet of Life." (J.A.Luck)

For Individuals / Groups
Unlocking Personal Potential:
  • Bringing Awareness into your daily life
  • Developing emotional/mental Balance in challenging situations
  • Reflecting on your Life Path
  • Supporting your Life Changes
  • Creating Harmonious Relationships
  • Unfolding Creativity and Personal Fulfillment
For Teams and Organisations
Developing a Natural Corporate Culture based on Conscious Growth
  • Improving Cooperation, Coping with Conflicts
  • Improving Resilience to Stress
  • Developing Awareness in Implementing Action
  • Unlocking Hidden Talents
  • Enhancing Employees Performance
  • Supporting Employee Transitions
For Leadership and Management
Evolution and Transformation in Natural Leadership
  • Facilitating Problem solving and Decision Making
  • Self-reflection on Leadership
  • Excellence in Leadership
  • Leadership in Transitions/Change
How I work
I am fostering a systemic-holistic way of working with people.
My concept is based on "Learning from Nature", using this as an inspiring source of knowledge to explore Communication, Co-operation and Change.
Thus I am able to offer events and ideas tailored to your needs and matching your individual or organisational situation.

I look forward to supporting you in either a personal or professional context.

About me

Claudia S. Winzen

I am a Coach and Facilitator for Organisational and Human Development. I have 25 years expertise in Business Communication within various business sectors, including Leadership Coaching, Change Management and Corporate Culture

  • Experiental Learning in Organisational Development (Coverdale)
  • Training in Non-verbal Communication, Swimming with Wild Dolphins (HI, USA)
  • Facilitation in Change Management - Systemic Change
  • Transaction Analysis (DGTA)
  • Constellation Therapy * Meditation * Mind-Body-Awareness * Focusing
  • Business Administration - Open University Hagen
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Claudia S. Winzen
nature of communication

People Development Consultant - Coach

44229 Dortmund

phone: 0049 / (0)176 20 43 18 10
E-Mail:  info@nature-of-communication.com
Internet: www.nature-of-communication.com

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